Resin Shower Tray with Frame
(Model. Caribbean)

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Includes valve and grate.
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Quality: Made in Spain, manufactured with high quality resin and natural minerals. They are five times more resistent than conventional concrete and comply with all UNE-EN European Technical Standards.

Gelcoat surface finish: The material whose hardness and resistance to external aggressions is guaranteed. It is waterproof, easy to clean and resistant to chemical agents.

Mass pigmented: Its entire external and internal structure is the same color.

Grade 3 non-slip: It other words they do not slip.

Slimline: At 3 cm thick, we comply with downspout regulations.

Solid surface: The resin and mineral composition are the same throughout the tray

Easy installation

Customised sizes

It can be cut when installed

Robust, rigid and hard: High impact and tension resistance

Supply: Permanent stock

Texture and colours: Our trays have different textures and colours so you can decorate your bathroom with a designer’s touch. Ask us.

Anti-bacterial: 100% bacteria eliminated

Large valves: We included large flow valve

Framing and panels: Contact us

Warranty: We comply with the European two-year guarantee

The best price: No one offers such an economical price with the quality we provide.